Preti writes and broadcasts on contemporary art, film, books and culture for the New Statesman, the Guardian, the BBC, Index on Censorship with a focus on Shakespeare, India, literature and human rights, feminism and postcolonial issues....

For the BBC:

Free Thinking, BBC Radio 3, Partition Special: 14 August, 2017 

Start the Week: BBC Radio 4, 22 May, 2017

The Essay: Creating Modern India, recorded live at BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival, March 2017

Prom 62: Tagore and Zemlinsky, recorded live at Beit Hall, for BBC Radio 3, (August 2016) LISTEN HERE

The Essay: 'Freedom of Speech or 'Nothing'', King Lear in contemporary India, recorded live in Shakespeare's Old Schoolroom, Stratford upon

Avon, April 2016 as part of Radio 3's 'Sounds of Shakespeare' Festival, BBC Radio 3, (April 2016)

Shakespeare: love across the racial divide, BBC Radio 4, (May 2016) - and pick of the week

Romeo and Juliet in the Balkans, BBC ARTS TV, (December 2015)

Free Thinking: 'Romeo and Juliet in Kosovo and Serbia', BBC Radio 3 (May 2015)

Free Thinking: What do we mean by 'Global Shakespeare', BBC Radio 3 (April 2015)

Free Thinking: Indian Summers, A Review (March 2015)

Free Thinking: The Female King Lear, BBC Radio 3 (May 2014)

Free Thinking Festival: Shakespeare, India and the Power of Gibberish. BBC Radio 3 (November 2014)

Home Truths, BBC Radio 4 (2004-5)


For the New Statesman:

Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag, Review, 26 May 2017


For the Guardian:

When I hit you by Meena Kandasamy, Review, 8 July 2017

Romeo and Juliet in Amman and Syria: Theatre Blog with Lynne Gardner (2014)

It's time to  break the national monopoly on Shakespeare: Theatre Blog with Lynne Gardner (2014)

Happiness by arrangement? on Guardian Unlimited: Comment is Free (2008)

A feminist response to writer Ziauddin Sardar’s views on the benefits of Asian arranged marriages vs. Western culture’s ‘love marriages’


For Index on Censorship:

'Star Crossed Actors: on staging Romeo and Juliet in the Balkans,' April 2016

For The Postcolonialist:

Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut (Book Review)

For Open Democracy:

India is ready for change, but censorship, taxation and corruption plagued the Indian art fair

A behind the scenes view at the world’s fastest growing art fair, New Delhi, India 

For The Conversation: (click here)

Should Shakespeare be censored for sensitive times?

Shakespeare wades into Indian Freedom of Expression Row

Guilty Pleasure: Jilly Cooper and Francoise Sagan

Look past the Buzz Culture around the Booker Prize

Richard Flannagan Wins the Booker Prize

For Reuters Alertnet:

Kosovo’s hidden voices, (2007) – archived.

First hand interviews with representatives of seven minority communities in Kosovo.

Iraq’s Minorities Face Terrible Choice, Reuters Alertnet, (2007)

Time to get serious on minority rights in conflicts, Reuters Alertnet, (2007)

Way past their bedtime (FOR MRG) A blog on a Christian Iraqi refugee family living in Jordan