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                      A masterpiece.

Uncompromising, fierce and emotionally vast.

- Omar El Akkad

Pulsing with vitality... inspired

Kirkus starred review

Extraordinary, intoxicating...a brilliant new voice

- Waterstone's, the Desmond Elliott Prize


Paints a picture of contemporary India we won't easily forget [...] An instant classic

- The Times of India 





When I come to We That Are Young, I come to an extraordinary re-imagining of King Lear in a culture and a cultural moment that resonates so powerfully, that it is as exciting for me as coming upon Lear for the first time.

                       - James Shapiro, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University


Powerful, engrossing... perfectly constructed, magnificently written.

- Jim Crace, Chair of judges, the Rathbones Folio Prize 2018


Misogyny, religious and caste predjuduce, plus the madness of money all make for a magnificent, dark and satirical drama.

- Samira Ahmed, judge, the Desmond Elliott Prize, 2018


We That Are Young pbk



Fearlessly carves a territory of its own  

- Publisher's Weekly


We That Are Young’s restaging of the core conundrums of Shakespeare’s King Lear in the light of global capitalism will haunt readers for many generations to come.            

- Sandeep Parmar, LA Review of Books

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